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How to Research a Company before your Interview

You’ve just landed a job interview with an exciting web development firm. Your resume impressed them and now they want to meet you in person. At this crucial stage of the application process, not only do you need to showcase your expertise, but you should also demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest in the company. Researching a company before the interview gives you an edge over other applicants – your research allows you to craft specific examples and explain how you can...

Thinking Outside of the Box

When you are trying to stand out among thousands of applicants for a great job, you have to think beyond proper formatting for your résumé and spell check for your cover letter. If you want to have any hopes of standing out, you have to think outside the box. First things first: Make sure you follow all the requirements of the application process. Ignore the instructions and it really won’t matter how innovate you are because you might not even be considered for the job. ...

How to Get a Raise

With businesses tightening their purse strings and rising petrol, food and housing costs, employees are feeling the pinch. If your income no longer rises to meet inflation, not only could your finances be in danger, but your wellbeing, too. personal statement writing service Receiving a raise lets an employee know the company appreciates the work they do. Regular pay increases entice workers to keep up their productivity, and increases workplace enjoyment. People are happier...